2 – Repeated violations of rights
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The ITUC affiliate in Barbados is the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU).

In practice

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Precarious employment hampers unionisation and negotiation in domestic work sector31-12-2011
Anti-union discrimination31-12-2011

There are no laws prohibiting anti-union discrimination anti-union discrimination Any practice that disadvantages a worker or a group of workers on grounds of their past, current or prospective trade union membership, their legitimate trade union activities, or their use of trade union services. Can constitute dismissal, transfer, demotion, harassment and the like.

See Guide to the ITUC international trade union rights framework

, which facilitates anti-union practices. As a result, workers dismissed for union activities are rarely able to secure reinstatement and only receive compensation if they obtain a court ruling in their favour. According to the BWU (Barbados Workers’ Union), a law should be passed to make it a punishable offence for employers to deny the right to associate freely.

Government neither supports nor guarantees collective bargaining31-12-2011
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