2 – Repeated violations of rights
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The ITUC affiliates in Rwanda are the Centrale des Syndicats des Travailleurs du Rwanda (CESTRAR) and the Congrès du Travail et de la Fraternité au Rwanda (COTRAF).

In practice

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Managers in the public sector often guilty of violation of labour laws 24-01-2017

In January, the Public Service Commission reviewed the national fiscal report for the years 2015-2016. According to the data, the Government lost 75% of the lawsuits filed against managers in the public sector by its former employees. According to the Commission’s chairperson, such high prevalence of adjudicated violations demonstrates the level of injustice in the public service and points to the lack of serious sanctions for managers who break the law while managing their staff.

Teachers illegally dismissed30-06-2014

Six teachers working for Mweya Private School in Rubavu were illegally dismissed in February 2013 without prior notice contrary to a valid collective agreement. The school claimed to be in financial difficulties but failed to produce an audit report. As a result, the workers filed a complaint with the court which ruled in their favour in June 2014 and ordered the school to pay compensation.

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