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The Timber Industry Employees Union of Sarawak (TIEUS) issued a statement on 23 August 2019 stating that the Shin Yang Group had instructed workers not to take part in a secret ballot on 25 August. The ballot was being held to decide whether the workers were in favour of forming a union.
The (...)

In October 2019, five public servants stormed the offices of their union worried about possible victimisation due to their political affiliation.
The general secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union, Thomas Letang, noted that this is a worrying trend. In an interview he claimed that (...)

In December 2018, the Sindicato de Trabajadores del Instituto Salvadoreño del Seguro Social (STISSS) duly elected its executive board during its congress. In April 2019, a small group of dissident members, far fewer than the 25 per cent required to call an extraordinary assembly, nonetheless did (...)

Once again this year, the government banned all demonstrations, citing grounds of risks to public safety. At least 20 demonstrations were banned by the authorities. Security forces used tear gas against those defying the ban and arrested dozens of (...)

Unfounded criminal charges against the entire seven-member Executive Board of ITUC Turkish affiliate KESK were thrown out by the 4th High Criminal Court in Ankara on 3 March in a decision which confirms that calling for peace cannot be considered a crime under Turkish law.
In a January 2018 (...)

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