Ucrania - A union meeting disrupted by 60 attackers

On 22 March 2018, during the ordinary meeting of the IV Plenum of the Union’s Central Committee (CC), a group of 60 persons broke into the Prazdnichnyi conference hall of the Hotel Tourist in Kiev and interrupted a meeting of the Housing, Utility, and Domestic Services and Local Industry Workers’ Union of Ukraine that was taking place.
The attackers’ demands concerned Mr. Romanyuk, president of the Union: they insisted that he should write a formal application to retire from the position of the chair of the supervisory board of the private joint stock company Ukrprofzdravnitsa. Failing to secure Romanyuk’s consent, the attackers resorted to physical intimidation and separated him from other participants of the meeting who had risen to defend him, and then forcibly pushed him into a separate room and poured paint over him. The police were summoned, but they were late in responding and failed to prevent this act of violence.

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