Montenegro, República de - Court orders not respected (2012)

The construction company Novi Prvoborac, in Herceg Novi, has refused to bargain collectively, violated the right to strike and unlawfully dismissed workers, including trade union leaders, since 2008. By the end of 2010, the courts had overruled a total of 71 dismissals on the grounds that they were unlawful. Some of the workers were eventually reinstated in 2011, but only on one-month contracts instead of the open-ended ones they previously had, and not in Novi Prvoborac but in a susidiary company Kamen Beton. Thirteen such workers went on hunger strike in June. On 30 July, the Basic Court in Herceg Novi ruled that the employer had to compensate unpaid salaries for 40 dismissed workers, for the period between the date of their unlawful dismissal and the court ruling against it, in total an amount of around 400,000 EUR. Given that the company filed for bankruptcy in October however, it remains unclear when, and where from, the workers will get their compensation.

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