Iraq - Government intervention in union elections (2010)

The Iraqi Teachers Union (ITU) reported that the government has appointed an official body with the authority to take over the union, its records and property. The Iraqi government also listed people to be included on the union’s board, ignoring the recent union elections. Despite trade unions’ protests, the government stated that the union should again hold elections but that the leadership was not allowed to stand. The ITU had already held two national conferences since 2003 with a third emergency conference in late 2007 to elect a new president, Jasim Al lami. The interference of the government into the internal affairs of the ITU has led to the union refusing to comply with the new elections unless the leadership is elected in an open national conference organised by the ITU. The ITU held a national protest in central Baghdad on 21 March, but the protest was interfered with by the Iraqi security forces. A second major protest occurred on 28 March with some 500 supporters.

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