Israel - In July 2013, the security company "Modi’in... (2013)

In July 2013, the security company «Modi’in Ezrachi Ltd.» threatened its security guards at the railway stations, through SMS text messages from their direct boss, that there is an absolute prohibition to organize in the framework of the Histadrut.

In September 2013, management at Electra announced in a letter sent by courier to approximately 30 workers that it is removing them from the work schedule until they sign a document committing them not to take any organizational measures. At the same time, management blocked the mobile phones and petrol allowance of the employees that held an information meeting about the organizing. The management also placed guards at the entrance of the workplace to stop the employees entering.

The «One» news website’s management fired Or Zilberman, one of the founders of the Journalists Committee, and cancelled the dismissal following an order of the Labour Court. In addition, employees who were identified as union members were given fewer shifts and they also were not invited to a social activities organised by management. Moreover, demands by unions to enter into collective bargaining negotiations are declined in violation of a court order of the Labour Court ruling that the Journalists Organisation is a representative organisation and that “One” news is obliged to hold negotiations.

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