Serbia - Interference in trade union activities and anti-union discrimination

Trade unions in Serbia are not sufficiently protected against interference in their activities. For example, in the public enterprise Skijalista Srbije, founded and owned by the State, the employer continuously tried to declare null the last trade union elections and to appoint representatives of the management as elected trade union representatives. This interference dates from February 2015.
In Yura Corporation, enterprise employees were not allowed to join the trade union at all. Trade union members often face discrimination – intimidation, psychological abuse, transfer to another workplace, dismissal – including in the public sector. This was the case in Health CenterVladimirci, Health Center Velika Plana, Health CenterPožega, General Hospital Aranđelovac. In the Confezioni Andrea Serbia, the members of NEZAVISNOST trade union were directly targeted by the employer and pressured to join another union that was controlled by the company. Trade unions are often denied facilities, even if guaranteed by law. Such situations take place even in the Government’s offices and agencies. This was the case of the trade union affiliated to NEZAVISNOST present in the Ministry of Internal Affairs which was continuously denied premises for their union work.

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