Montenegro, República de - Police clashes at a strike of bankrupt mine workers

Workers of bankrupt Bauxite Mines Company in Niksic protested for their unpaid wages. Workers, worn-out by three unsuccessful tenders, manifested their disapproval with respect to management’s decision to reject an offer of EUR 4.4 million from the local Neksan Company because it was considered insufficient for the buy-out of the enterprise. In response to this umpteenth standby to sale procedure that could have finally granted workers their salaries, about 200 employees decided to take to the streets heading towards Niksic. Policemen clashed in the demonstration and stopped them, but miners succeeded in blocking the streets. They declared – through the voice of union leader Borisav Bojanovic – that they would remove blockades if the meeting with the government were successful and if the Commercial Court that declared the mine’s bankruptcy in 2013 approved the sale of the company.

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