Haití - Protest brutally repressed by the police

A journalist was killed and five workers were injured in Port-au-Prince on 23 February 2022 when police opened fire on peaceful demonstrators opposing the amount of the wage increase announced by the government following weeks of protest.
On 21 February, the government announced increases for different economic activity. In the garment sector, the 37 per cent increase lifts wages from 500 to 685 gourdes (US$6.50 a day). The amount is unacceptable to the coalition of unions that is pressing for better wages, including IndustriALL affiliate GOSTTRA. The unions say that even the 1,500 gourdes they have been demanding since January barely covers workers’ basic needs.
The cost of living is increasing every day in this small island economy, where gangs often wield more power than the government.
Protests are set to continue this week.

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