Laos, República Democrática Popular de - Repression of the freedom to demonstrate and of association (2012)

Four leaders of the “Student movement of 26 October” remain in prison, more than 11 years after organising a peaceful protest in Vientiane in October 1999 for social justice, democratic reform and the respect of human rights. They have already served the ten years in prison to which they were sentenced. They are Thongpaseuth Keuakoun, Sengaloun Phengphanh, Bouavanh Chanmanivong and Keochay (their comrade Khamphouvieng Sisa-At died in prison in 2001 as a result of torture and ill treatment). The authorities promised to release Sengaloun Phengphanh and Bouavanh Chanmanivong in 2012.

Nine other people remain in prison for taking part in 2009 in demonstrations converging on Vientiane to demand justice and respect for their fundamental rights. The nine include two women Kingkoe Phongsely and Somchit and seven men, Soubinh, Souane, Sinpasong, Khamsone, Nou, Somkhit et Sourigna.

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