China - Role of the official Chinese trade union (All China Federation of Trade Union - ACFTU) and new developments (2010)

The ACFTU actively calls on employers to follow the 2008 labour law, while at the same time urging workers to secure a better knowledge of the law. The ACFTU’s role and the supervision of higher level branches over lower level branches has been strengthened in new legislation, especially in resolving labour issues and in keeping with the nationwide emphasis on the development of a «harmonious society» and a «harmonious workplace».

The ACFTU played a significant role in the drafting of the new Labour Contract Law (LCL) and in implementing regulations and also made several high profile statements calling on unions and authorities to safeguard workers’ interests in the wake of the economic crisis. In addition, the ACFTU continued to focus its efforts on organising branches in private companies Asian multinationals.

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