Ucrania - The Independent Trade Union of Medical Workers of Ukraine (VPMPU) excluded from collective bargaining process

The Free Trade Union of Medical Workers of Ukraine (VPMPU), part of the territorial medical association «Kyiv Dentistry», was prevented from participating in the collective bargaining process. The registration of the VPMU is currently being reviewed by the National Mediation and Conciliation Process as part of the ongoing collective labour dispute.

Unionised workers were pressured by management into withdrawing their union membership and were also targeted for other acts of discrimination. In September 2016, VPMPU members announced ongoing protests near the Ministry of Healthcare, setting up a tent city and starting a hunger strike carried out by the head of the union, Mr. Panasenko, and some activists. However, the camp was attacked by unknown persons, and all property and personal belongings (including documents) of the protesters were destroyed.

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