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Workers have no right to conduct meetings in the workplace without management being present. Union meetings must normally be conducted on nonworking time, off the employers’ premises. Additionally, although it is illegal for an employer to dominate or interfere with the formation or (...)

Every year, thousands of charges are filed against employers alleging discrimination against workers because of their union membership or support, and every year the National Labor Relations Board awards millions of dollars in back pay to workers who have been unlawfully discharged. In fiscal (...)

Workers in the U.S. are restricted in their ability to engage in picketing and other forms of protest on employers’ property. The law also prohibits secondary picketing and limits picketing which has as its objective organising workers or obtaining recognition from the employer. For example, (...)

In 2011, Budimex bought the Przedsiębiorstwo Naprawy Infrastruktury (Infrastructure Repair Company) in a privatisation process. One of the conditions of the sale was the investor’s commitment to conduct collective negotiations with the employees. An agreement was concluded guaranteeing workers (...)

The Law on Trade Unions requires employers to deduct union dues from the salary of members and remit them to the union. However, several companies have failed to comply with the regulation. For example, the company Gniewczyna Wagon Factory SA did not collect union dues between June and October (...)

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