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The Education Secretary suspended five teachers, for two months, in the department of Cortés, for abandoning their classrooms to attend an informative meeting called on 4 July 2014 by the Honduran teachers’ federation Federación de Organizaciones Magisteriales de Honduras (FOMH).
The teachers (...)

Hundreds of police officers stormed Puerto Limon’s Moin and Limon terminals on 23rd October 2014, violently attacking workers and arresting 68 men and women who were peacefully striking. The workers were detained, then the port re-opened the following day with strikebreakers, some of them from (...)

Between 22 May and 3 August 2014, Hugo Gonzales Chirico, union leader at steel company Acepar, began a hunger strike in protest against a dispute over a collective bargaining agreement that started in 2001.
Between April and November 2010, the Sindicato de Trabajadores de Acepar (SITRAC) went (...)

In June 2014, the ITUC was notified that the collective agreements of SITRAINCHSA, SITRAIHNFA, SITRAEPSOTRAVI and SITRAHONDUCOR had been frozen by decree.

In June 2014, the ITUC requested the ILO Office to urgently engage with the Honduran government over the intensification of the persecution of trade union organisations.
The ITUC had been alerted to the following measures taken by the Honduran government:
Intervention in several trade union (...)

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