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In June 2014, the ITUC was notified that the collective agreements of SITRAINCHSA, SITRAIHNFA, SITRAEPSOTRAVI and SITRAHONDUCOR had been frozen by decree.

In June 2014, the ITUC requested the ILO Office to urgently engage with the Honduran government over the intensification of the persecution of trade union organisations.
The ITUC had been alerted to the following measures taken by the Honduran government:
Intervention in several trade union (...)

On September 2014, employees of the Honduran Institute for Children and Families (IHNFA) denounced the institution’s closure and its replacement by the National Directorate of Children and Families (DINAF).
According to the Sindicato de Trabajadores del IHNFA (SITRAIHFA), the main aim of the (...)

The government has refused to register trade unions without previous authorization. While national legislation provides that unions applying for registration must be provided with a receipt acknowledging the creation of a union and that such receipt is to be issued within 30 days, several trade (...)

Legal procedures for starting a strike often take from half a year to one year and a half. Despite serious issues, such as non-payment of salaries and extremely poor working conditions, there has not been a legal strike in the Ukraine in the past 23 years. Workers therefore carry out protests (...)

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