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The Spanish bank BBVA inherited the collective pact drawn up by Gran Ahorrar, following the merger between the two banks in 2005. It also inherited the collective agreement managed by three trade unions: ACEB (the largest and the oldest of the three), UNEB and SintraBBVA (company-level union), (...)

Ave Colombiana is a company producing electrical goods. It was found by an Italian 50 years ago and is currently owned by his sons. Its production facilities are located on Via Zipaquirá-Nemocón, where it employs 150 workers, 28 of whom are members of Sintrabel and the Zipaquirá branch of the (...)

Colpensiones is a state-owned industrial and commercial company attached to the Ministry of Labour and Finance, set up in 2011 to administer the pensions system, which was previously administered by the Social Security Institute. It started out with 60 employees, but a year later it hired 1,100 (...)

Bimbo, the Mexican multinational producing bread and baked goods, came to Colombia 18 years ago. It has factories in Tenjo (Cundinamarca), Cali and Soledad (Atlántico).
The company-level union representing Bimbo workers, Sintrabimbo, was formed in 2005, by 25 of the 400 workers employed by the (...)

Collective pacts are used by companies to weaken trade unions or prevent their formation. In 2013, 204 collective pacts were filed with the Labour Ministry. An average of 190 pacts per year have been negotiated over the last decade.
Trade unions were in the process of negotiating collective (...)

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