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Since there is no law protecting the right to collective bargaining, unions are often not recognised for collective bargaining purposes. Employers bypass unions and bargain directly with individual employees and refuse to provide financial information about the company when they do engage in (...)

Workers regularly face discrimination for union membership. For example, an active union member in the Coach Drivers Union has been dismissed by his employer. Two driving instructors of the Hong Kong School of Motoring were dismissed in January 2013 when they were about to form a union. They (...)

The Labour Department, which is responsible for investigating and prosecuting the violation of trade union rights, has only prosecuted four cases from 1997 to 2014. It argues that there has never been sufficient evidence to prosecute in other (...)

Germany - Yellow unions:

There are cases where employers have established yellow unions in order to weaken independent unions. For example, the company Siemens invested 50 million Euros into the Syndicate of the independent works council (AUB) in order to create competition to the IG Metall (Metalworkers Union). The (...)

Nearly a thousand teachers from public schools in Lianjiang held a demonstration on 29 June 2013 against unjustified salary deductions and delayed payment of social insurance premiums. Unable to give an explanation about the education budget and allocation, the municipal government called in (...)

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