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There are numerous cases of non-compliance of the employer with the provisions of collective agreements, especially in the healthcare sector. This includes the matters of:
Organisation and salary calculations for on-call duties and 24-hour shifts in workplaces such as General Hospital Pirot; (...)

Access to judicial protection in case of labour rights violations is restricted by the high court and legal fees imposed by the Act on Court Fees and the Law on the Bar tariff, in combination with the lack of possibility for a worker to be represented by a representative other than a lawyer (...)

There are frequent cases of the Government negotiating in bad faith, either at the national level or at the company level (in its capacity as the employer). This was the case during negotiations in the Republic Geodesy Institute following the strike action. The Government formed a Working Group (...)

Although the law regulates the right to organise in the military sector, in practice it is very difficult for the unions to make use of this right. The decrees that deal with the right to organise in the army prescribe that trade union activities can take place at the level of a brigade and (...)

NEZAVISNOST reports frequent cases of favouring one union over another, both by the private sector employers as well as by the State (which is still the major employer in Serbia). There is a clear pattern of favouring organisations not affiliated to – and not assisted by – a representative (...)

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