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Haiti - Discrimination:

The Haitian government does not consult unions on labour law and policy reforms. Although the independence of the judiciary is enshrined in the Constitution of Haiti and other legal instruments, there are major shortcomings in practice. For example, in a case that concerned the dismissal of (...)

After Levan Chikvaidze was appointed general director of the “Georgian Post”, he dismissed more than 120 workers and replaced them with friends and relatives. Workers with fixed-term contracts often had to accept one-month contracts instead of one-year or two-year contracts they had previously. (...)

Georgia - Interrogation:

On 20 February, Guladi Kruashvili, Deputy Head of the General Train Safety Movement General Inspection in Teaching and Instruction sector, interrogated members of the New Railway Trade Union about their books and took them to Zestafoni where they were again interrogated together with other (...)

In 2013, trade union members working for the Agency of Extraordinary Situations were not paid bonuses and the thirteenth month salaries foreseen by the annual budget. All the employees who were not trade union members received (...)

The Batumi Autotransport is a company owned by the municipality of Batumi and has been involved in discriminatory practices against trade union members. Management threatens workers with dismissal if they do not sign statements of withdrawal. Under such pressure the workers started to submit (...)

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