3 – Regular violations of rights
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The ITUC affiliates in Albania are the Confederation of the Trade Unions of Albania (KSSH) and the Union of the Independent Trade Unions of Albania (BSPSH).

In practice

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Recognition for collective bargaining:19-06-2015
Anti-union discrimination:19-06-2015

Several workers were dismissed from their jobs for joining and leading trade unions.
- The leader of the Trade Unions of Energy Enterprises was transferred from his workplace to another site.
- The leader of the Trade Unions of the Telecom Company was dismissed under the guise of restructuring.
- The leader of the Trade Unions of Forest Enterprises was dismissed in 2014 and continues to challenge his dismissal in court.

Bad working conditions in textile and footwear sector31-12-2011

Violations of workers’ and trade union rights are especially frequent in the textile and footwear sector, which accounts for around 35% of exports and employs around two thirds of all workers in the private non-agricultural sector. Out of approximately 100,000 workers, around 90% are young women, while child labour is not uncommon. The rate of unregistered workers in the industry is estimated at around 40%. Union membership in the sector remains very low, owing to threats of dismissal against anyone joining a union.

Anti-union employers31-12-2011

The Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania (KSSH) reports that employers’ anti-union behaviour is widespread, and includes transfers, demotions, wage cuts and dismissals. Many companies remain very hostile to trade unions, seeing them as an obstacle to freely managing their relationship with the workers, and try to avoid collective agreements. In some companies, trade unions are denied contact with the workers, and there have been cases of violent anti-union behaviour.

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