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The ITUC does not have an affiliate in Qatar.

In practice

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Exclusion of migrant workers14-08-2013

Today, migrant workers comprise roughly 94% of Qatar’s workforce, equal to about 1.2 million workers. That figure continues to rise, as workers are recruited in vast numbers, largely from South Asia, to build infrastructure and stadia for the 2022 World Cup. Like many other migrant workers in the Gulf region, they face severe, discriminatory policies and practices that violate their fundamental human and labour rights, including the right to freedom of association freedom of association The right to form and join the trade union of one’s choosing as well as the right of unions to operate freely and carry out their activities without undue interference.

See Guide to the ITUC international trade union rights framework
. Even Qatari nationals have only limited rights in this regard.

Numerous workers are precluded from forming or joining a union due to categorical exclusions in law. In practice, 90% of the total workforce is excluded from the right to form or join a union.

The «constituent labour committee» does not inspire confidence30-11-2010

In December the local media reported that the authorities intended to create a “constituent labour committee” that would be one step towards the creation of a trade union confederation, and whose task would be to protect workers’ rights. The 50 members of the committee were to be representatives of workers in the public and private sectors. However there was nothing to suggest that the workers would have any say in the appointment of these “representatives”. It appeared, rather, that the committee would be under government control.

Domestic workers excluded from labour legislation25-01-2011

About 132.000 migrant domestic workers are employed in Qatar. These women are even more vulnerable to exploitation than other categories of migrants, because domestic work is specifically excluded from labour legislation.

Qatari journalists prohibited from organising independent union30-04-2009

In May the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) refused to take part in events to celebrate press freedom organised by UNESCO and the government of Qatar. “The event is held in a country which supports an international media freedom centre, but refuses to allow local journalists to form their own independent union independent union A trade union that is not affiliated to a national union. Can also be a union that is not dominated by an employer.

See yellow union

or association” the IFJ pointed out.

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